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  1. Go to the Toyota Financial Services website and fill in the online application or call 0861 10 17 45.
  2. Upon approval of your application, a Toyota Financial Services agent will contact you to discuss relevant details and tell you what documents you need to fax through.
  3. The day before your vehicle is delivered, you will be phoned to make an appointment to voice log your contract.
  4. You will be sent all of the relevant documents and then a Toyota Financial Services agent will phone you to voice log the contract.
  5. You will be told what documents (ID, proof of address etc) you need to take with you when you go to collect your vehicle.

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Add a vehicle tracking unit to your finance agreement, making it more affordable than if you purchase it separately.

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You can choose a month in which you do not make a payment, but it must be the same month each year.

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Instalment sale

You buy the vehicle by paying instalments over an agreed period. When you've finished paying, you automatically become the owner of the vehicle.


You get use of the vehicle for an agreed period during which you make rental payments. At the end of the term you can choose to return the vehicle, acquire ownership or extend the lease. This is the option for you if you receive a car allowance or if you will use the car to generate income.

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